Neat Repeats

An Individual Way to Support the Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont
(A great way to support the EFV without getting out your checkbook!)

Donate items on behalf of EFV to Neat Repeats, Bakery Lane, Middlebury, VT. Neat Repeats will accept your donation during business hours (9:30a-4:30p Monday-Saturday).

When cleaning out your closets, especially in between seasons, or when moving, please consider bringing your items to Neat Repeats. Let them know that you are donating to support EFV. Bring your donations inside and leave them with the staff there, and give them our account number (153). Please do not leave them outside in the bins.

If you are unable to bring your contributions directly to Neat Repeats, please contact Audrey Butler, 802-775-1686/802-318-1575, and she will arrange a drop off location for Items should be in very good shape and include: